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Sandy Beach


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Everyone is welcome to a free, online Taster session for our Spring/Summer Retreat : The Great Reconnect


The Taster session will give you a great sense of what to expect on retreat. There will be mini practices and an opportunity to meet Joan & Claire, the hosts for the weekend.


It is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions you would like to have answered and to see if this retreat is for you.


The session is free, open to all and has no obligation to book.

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Monthly Saturday Practice Sessions

Online 10am-1pm

Take time out to pause and reflect with a monthly mini retreat.

Our monthly practice session's take inspiration from nature and life as it is happening all around us. March is the beginning of astronomical Spring and a time filled with new life and new growth. This month's session will focus on tending the garden of our hearts - weeding out anything unwanted and cultivating beautiful shoots of love and kindness.

This session is perfect for anyone wishing to reinvigorate an existing practice and for anyone new to meditation.

"Don't meditate to fix yourself, to heal yourself, to improve yourself or redeem yourself. Rather do it as an act of love, of deep, warm friendship with yourself." Bob Sharples

Each month may be booked individually.

The session's are online from 10am to 1pm and you will receive recording's of the practices. Each month includes a mid monthly meet up to check in. The session's cost 30.00 per month.

Saturday April 20th, 10am-1pm - A Wise & Loving Heart

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